leonard nimoy, star trek

Happy birthday, Bones!

Sometimes Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner’s tweets are incredibly silly (well, mostly Shatner’s)…but today among the silliness they also paid tribute to DeForest Kelley, which I thought was sweet.


DeForest Kelley was the rare kind of celebrity who was shy, attention-averse, owned a pet turtle, wrote poetry, and stayed married to his wife for 54 years. It’s pretty obvious why I love him. Happy birthday, De!

*PS – I considered making a tag called “aww” just for this post.
*PPS – This all started when Alex showed me this photo album, which made my heart melt. <3
*PPPS – Please go to Leonard Nimoy’s twitter and read his 15+ grandpa-themed tweets before it’s too late.

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